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Free Enterprise. Innovation. Quality of Place. Regional Economic Growth.

EnterprisePSU, as part of Pittsburg State University Strategic Initiatives is dedicated to these principles. Our vision is a vibrant and growing regional economy, and we work to facilitate, cultivate and promote that local and regional economic development. We are composed of six internal and external agencies housed at PSU. You can find these agencies by clicking the menu icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Innovation Pipeline

This "Innovation Pipeline" demonstrates our goals of "idea to dollar sign." That dollar sign can be revenue to the region and to PSU as well as jobs, new businesses or business relocation. The different input pipes show the capabilities we as EnterprisePSU and the university have to support you every step of the way.

Vision, Mission & Strategic Plan


A vibrant and growing regional economy


To facilitate, cultivate and promote local and regional economic development.

Pathway to Prominence

In 2016 Pittsburg State University introduced it's new strategic plan for 2016-2022: Pathway to Prominence. We as the Center for Innovation and Business Development have a number of initiatives aimed at advancing these goals.

Pathway to Prominence Goals

Academic Excellence and Student Success is what motivates us to increase student entrepreneurship at PSU. With the development of our incubator program, the Foundry, students enter in two different phases: ACTivator and ACTcelerator. The ACTivator is aimed at start-ups while the ACTcelerator takes developed ideas and puts small business support services behind it. Partnerships and a Responsive and Innovative Campus Culture drives our continued efforts to develop regional partnerships aimed at advancing our regional economy. From small business support to technology transfer, commercialization, corporate engagement and other facets of the Innovation Pipeline, we feel confident that we can grow our university partnerships and create a culture of innovation on PSU's campus.